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Tai Chi

Tai Chi in NJ Tai Chi Chuan in Bradley Beach NJ Taiji in NJ Taijiquan Bradley Beach Monmouth C



"This is an internal style martial art based on the interplay of Yin and Yang.  The classics say "Four ounces repels one thousand pounds" meaning that through the application of correct techniques, a small movement can redirect a strong incoming force. Using Taijiquan, a person of any size can subdue a larger and stronger opponent. The same training that makes Taijiquan an effective martial art also makes it a superior method of improving health. All over the world, people of all ages are using Taijiquan to improve their balance, calm their minds and nerves, restore their energy, and exercise their bodies in a low impact way that is suitable even in old age. Taijiquan is practiced slowly and smoothly which improves the tone of all the muscles and tendons, and leads to better balance. The continuous movements help to train the body and mind to work in concert rather than in many segments, which makes the practitioner more graceful and improves mental function. Taijiquan also makes an excellent method of physical therapy in many cases. I invite you to search the internet for all the health or injury related issues that Taijiquan is recommended to treat. "Tai Chi" as it is more popularly called, is now the most recommended therapeutic exercise  by the World Health Organization. Treasured in China for centuries, its global popularity continues to grow every day!"

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