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"Longfist is one of hundreds of styles of Shaolin Boxing. Often referred to simply as Kung Fu, these types of Chinese martial arts are derived from those practiced by the monks at the famous Shaolin Temple. The term Kung Fu actually describes any type of skill gained through diligent practice, the words translate to "Time and Effort" As for martial arts, the northern varieties of Shaolin Boxing, such as Longfist, utilize much leaping and rolling and kicking techniques. The forms take up space and stretch the body in techniques generating long power, like the action of a whip. Southern styles tend to be more stationary, and take up less space. They are usually more power based and using more compact stances. These features simply reflect differences in environment and body types as the martial arts evolved to suit the people and their terrain. Our system uses a mix of forms from various northern Chinese regions and contains much of the characteristic kicking and leaping techniques as well as a large amount of Chin Na (meaning "seize and control" and referring to joint locking and breaking techniques."
"Our forms include the 20 Methods system of Wang Zi Ping, popular Longfist forms such as Springing Leg (Tan Toi), Gung Li Chuan, Lien Bu Chuan, and Dwen Da Chuan, as well as advanced material built around the Hua Chuan system. Empty hand forms, 2 person application forms, and weapons forms are all part of the curriculum. Weapons include Staff, Spear, Broadsword, Double Edged Sword, Dragon and Phoenix Swords, Chain Whip, and Grandmaster Peter Kwok's Umbrella form. For those who wish to learn the entire system, Shaolin Boxing is traditionally the best starting point. "
"Our Shaolin Kung Fu curriculum here at Five Elements Studio includes the martial forms as well as strength and conditioning skills derived from those practiced by the Shaolin monks. This includes both hard and soft Qigong such as the Yi Jin Jing
(Muscle and Tendon Changing Classic) which is one of the original methods of Damo (Bodhidharma) the Indian monk who first trained the monks of Shaolin Temple to improve their strength and energy levels to facilitate their spiritual goals.
This was the beginning of Shaolin Kung Fu!"