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Our Lineage


At Five Elements Studio, we practice the

kung fu system of Grandmaster Peter Kwok. 

These are primarily Taoist and Buddhist style martial arts and health cultivation practices originating from Northern China, some of which take their roots from earlier forms stemming from India and even the ancient world civilizations.

Grandmaster Peter Kwok learned from many great masters, and compiled this system to use what he deemed to be the best of each, eliminating any material he felt to be excess repetition

of the same types of skills. 

This leaves us with a large and comprehensive selection of forms and skills to practice. A student may choose which parts of the system are best for their needs, or study the entire system over time."

The famous Grandmaster Kuo Lien Ying was Peter Kwok's main Taijiquan teacher, they came to North America from Taiwan at the same time during the travels that resulted from fleeing the persecution of the communist Cultural Revolution. Kuo settled in San Francisco, while Peter Kwok traveled to northern NJ.  Kuo was the student of Wang Jiao Yu, who was the student of Yang Pan Hou, the son of Yang Lu Chan. Kuo also studied Xingyiquan from Huang Gin Yin, who was the student of Guo Yunshen. He also studied Baquazhang with Chang Hsin Zhai and Cheng Ting Hua.
We thank Grandmaster Kuo and Grandmaster Kwok for bringing Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi to America, as well as the other great arts we have received.


Shifu Bill studies with Master Dominick Ruggieri,

who learned the system from the senior students of Grandmaster Kwok: Master Patrick Hanvey, Master Mark Gates, Master Randy Elia, and Master Gary Torres. Shifu Bill has been learning the system from Master Ruggieri since 2002, having earned the rank of 6th degree black sash as well as the title of Shifu. After training and assistant teaching at the Chinahand Kung Fu Academy for many years, he opened the Bradley Beach Five Elements Studio training hall in 2012, which closed down in early 2021 due to the decline in business caused by Covid-19 shutdowns and restrictions.


At this time, Five Elements Studio is offering instruction in Tai Chi and Qigong at 2 locations in Monmouth County NJ, both at which Shifu Bill works as a Licensed Acupuncturist as well.


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